We have a lot to talk about

We have had a lot of productive discussions here lately. 

Your ideas on lights for dark downtowns are here, including some hard numbers on costs from Cecil Carter.  
Turning a dilapidated property into a shiny new spec house using local investors: it’s like a trifecta of small town improvements! Our friend Gary Van Meter shared this story from Randolph, Nebraska.  

If you have ever stopped extending store credit to customers, a local business would like your input.

Associations, how do you explain the value of joining to potential members? And how do you add more value? Two big questions from James Robusto, in Urbanna, Virginia. He’s a member of his local business association. Prospects often ask, “Why should I pay to join the Business Association? What does it do for me?” He’s looking for good ways to answer that question, as well as ways they can offer more valuable benefits to members. I’ve suggested he take a look at the benefits of being in an association of associations, like AMIBA where he could get advice and ideas from other similar groups nationwide. If you have other ideas, hit reply and share. I’ll compile it all into an article for Small Biz Survival. 

If you have good news in your town, share it in the Brag Basket. It’s open all the time. 

The chance to talk with you here has become a highlight of my week. You ask good questions and you share your knowledge generously. Thank you. From these discussions, I’ve learned that sometimes what you need from me is more than a quick email exchange. That’s why I’m getting set up to offer a very few coaching or mentoring opportunities with me. I’ll keep you posted, and you’ll have the first chance at the limited slots. 

Keep making your town better,

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