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Bio for Introductions

Becky McCray is a lifelong small-town entrepreneur. As co-founder of Save Your.Town, she shares insights from her real-world experience as a business owner and cattle rancher. Her practical perspective is featured at her highly-ranked website, Small Biz Survival, and in her award-winning book, Small Town Rules. She’s been featured and quoted in books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, podcasts and university publications. She makes her home base in Hopeton, Oklahoma, a community of 30 people. Her goal is to deliver practical steps you can put into action right away to shape the future of your town.


Bio for Convincing Others

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If you need a photo of me for your publication, I recommend this one by photographer Cody Johnson of Tulsa, provided with permission for promotional use:

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Small Town Creed

You can use this Small Town Creed to energize your people before or during your event. It’s available freely for download at

The Small Town Creed says "We can do it now!"

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Book Cover

Some events like to use the cover of my book in their articles or publications. Here’s the cover for Small Town Rules.

Small Town Rules Cover with award

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Small Town Rules videos related to the book

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101 Ways to start more tiny businesses in your small town

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