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Bio for Introductions

Becky McCray is a lifelong small-town entrepreneur. As co-founder of Save Your.Town, she shares insights from her real-world experience as a business owner and cattle rancher. Her practical perspective is featured at her highly-ranked website, Small Biz Survival, and in her award-winning book, Small Town Rules. She’s been featured and quoted in books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, podcasts and university publications. She makes her home base in Hopeton, Oklahoma, a community of 30 people. Her goal is to deliver practical steps you can put into action right away to shape the future of your town.


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What I believe: the Small Town Creed

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Website and Social Media Links

SaveYour.Town – my collaboration with Deb Brown – my blog, ongoing since 2006

LinkedIn: Becky McCray

Twitter: @BeckyMcCray, @SBSurvival, @SaveYourTown

Instagram: @BeckyMcCray, @SaveYourTown

Facebook: Small Biz Survival, SaveYour.Town

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Small Town Creed

101 Ways to start more tiny businesses in your small town


SaveYour.Town, my firm logo:

Idea Friendly, my signature method:

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More details on the book, Small Town Rules


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Media appearances and interviews

Talking Points for Podcasts and Interviews

About Becky McCray
  • Lifelong entrepreneur and cattle rancher. I don’t just talk about rural issues; I live them.
  • Co-founder of SaveYour.Town (you say “Save Your Dot Town”–it’s our name and our website)
  • Author of the book Small Town Rules
  • Former small town city administrator, nonprofit executive, and liquor store owner
  • Lives in a community of 30 people
The Idea Friendly Method
  • The research-backed Idea Friendly Method helps communities thrive no matter what obstacles they face
  • Put ideas into action with less formality, less overhead, no more committees, no more meetings, no more plans
  • Small but meaningful participation by everyone
  • Rather than voting, consensus emerges from action
  • Community is our goal
Positive Rural Trends – Seeing the Small Town Future
  • Do small towns in general have a future? Isn’t everything just becoming urban?
  • Is there any way to tell which small towns might survive?
  • Is there any good news around small towns? Are all the trends working against us?
  • Is population the only measure of success for a town? What else matters?
Innovative Rural Business Models and Rural Jobs Creation Strategies
  • You don’t have to settle for a normal business
  • The 5 Ts of Innovative Business Models: Tiny, Temporary, Together, Traveling, and Tech enabled
  • Why small steps beat big leaps
  • Shed businesses and divided spaces mean more opportunity for everyone
  • Connect people with people for innovation, connect people with resources to capitalize on innovation
  • No one creates jobs in a vacuum
Walking Workshops
  • It’s not about gathering ideas or building consensus or writing a plan
  • There is no plan, no master list of ideas, no checklist of one-size-fits-all answers
  • It is more about noticing possibilities than focusing on problems
  • It’s about unleashing people to take action
  • Get started today with chalk, fabric, magnets, lights and crack art
Dealing with Opposition
  • 99% of the best things you can do for your community don’t require anyone’s permission
  • Negative people think they’re helping
  • Pay the fine and do it anyway
  • Small towns are really fluid networks of ever-changing alliances
  • It will never go back to the way it was; you have to start from here and go forward
  • Us vs. Them is a myth

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