Becky McCray leading a group in a downtown tour of Ada, Oklahoma, paused for a selfie, reflected in a store window.
Becky McCray leading a group in a downtown tour of Ada, Oklahoma, paused for a selfie, reflected in a store window.

Let’s get your core people into immediate action together.

When I come to town, you’ll get your core group excited and taking immediate action. Together, we’ll customize what we do to generate the results that matter most to you.

This focused work respects your own people, your abilities and your own priorities. People feel motivated and energized. They take immediate action in an Idea Friendly way.

This is your Core Group Boost.

You can choose from these options to build the visit that best meets your needs and the needs of your community.

Walk-around workshop

A walk-around workshop with your core group will give you new ideas and insights for placemaking and downtown development. It’s not about gathering ideas or building consensus or writing a plan. It is more about noticing possibilities than focusing on problems. It’s about unleashing people to take action. You’ll get started right away with ideas we generate together on the spot.

You’ll see the potential in your town and take action immediately when we walk through your downtown together. We’ll walk through your downtown and look for possibilities. We’ll brainstorm specific steps you can take right away. I don’t bring a checklist of 57 ways you don’t measure up. I don’t have a pre-written plan or one-size-fits-all advice. My suggestions are based on what we see right there in your community.

It’s not about gathering ideas or building consensus. It’s about unleashing people to take action.

You’ll get down to earth insights that everyone can put into practice that day. Of course you’ll still have opposition in your town. We’ll talk about what steps you can take without their help and to start changing their attitudes. Everyone who participates will look at their business or organization in a different light and know what steps they can take.

Walking tours can be accessible to all. Becky keeps the pace slow and make sure all folks are included.

Keynote presentation 

A keynote presentation gives your people an interactive work session and deep understanding of the Idea Friendly method. Of course I will work in ideas and suggestions based on what you learned in the walk-around and our informal conversations.

This is also your chance to pack the audience with local officials, elected and appointed leaders, sponsors who want to feel like they got a good deal, good people who can’t come to stuff during the day, neighbors from nearby communities, and people you want to impress.

Focused brainstorming on your top issues

A guided brainstorming session focuses your best people on your biggest issues. We get 10 to 15 of your core people in a room to talk about the big ideas that are going to require more than grassroots and individual action.

These sessions often tackle housing, internet access, youth engagement, or building community engagement. These are the challenges that can only be addressed together. This session will draw the discussion straight to the resources and connections that make progress possible.

Other Speaking Options

You get down-to-earth advice based on my experience as a life-long rural entrepreneur and cattle rancher, including the “get your hands dirty” aspects that others gloss over.

Virtual Speaking

Becky McCray presenting from her home studio, with a fireplace in view

Virtual speaking on Rural and small town development

Running a virtual event? Tap my experience presenting dynamic and engaging remote session

Emcee & Hosting

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Host, moderator, emcee to liven up your event

I love live sessions! Keeping discussion flowing, managing lightning presentation rounds, wrangling a rowdy audience

In-person Sessions

Interactive keynote and workshop sessions

Using my real-world perspective as a small business owner, I deliver concrete take-aways to shape the future of your town

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