But what if your business is online? Does your town still matter to you?

When you do business from a small town, that town becomes part of your extended family. Whether your business is primarily online or offline, you have a vested interest in your town.

You need a place to shop, a place to get your hair cut and a place to eat. You’d like for your town to be a place that prospered, full of life and activity. In part, that prosperity depends on you and your small business. 

When you prosper, you will help your town prosper.

This makes sense; when your business makes more money, you spend more money locally, and you give to more local causes. Small business research from Charles Tolbert backs me up on this.

In the online business world, there is a lot of talk about connecting your customers with each other, finding your tribe, or building a community of customers. That’s important, but not what I’m talking about. This is something bigger and more relevant for businesses in small towns, something all of us can do.

It’s about connecting with your town, building community in your physical community. You have a vested interest in it so you have a role in making it better.

  • Get out of your house.
  • Attend events.
  • Talk to people.
  • Buy from other local businesses.
  • Talk to the local insurance agent about your coverage.
  • Look into the local clothing store.
  • Give to local causes. 
  • Take another business owner to lunch.

Find and support the things you love about your town, and don’t worry about the things you don’t love.

It’s pretty simple. Even if your business is primarily online, you come from somewhere and you belong. 

Where you live matters, and you matter to the community where you live.

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Keep making your town better,

PS – I’d love your input on a business question. How can a small town store stop offering credit, without losing their customers?