Where will your town be in 10 years? 

Not every small town is going to prosper. Some small towns won’t survive in ten years. The question is, can you do anything to influence whether your town survives and prospers? 

The future of your town is up to you. 

You decide if you’ll start your own small business. You decide whether you’ll say yes to that other rebellious spirit in town to cooperate. You decide whether you’ll find six people to work together on a crazy project. 

Your tiny steps will lead to small successes. You’ll fail, too. Other people will squash your best ideas, and the opposition will drive you bananas. That’s part of what it takes to succeed. But it will all lead to bigger successes. And successful communities attract more resources. 

Ten years from now, your town will be the example everyone talks about. You’ll look back, and you’ll remember that one tiny step, that one decision, that one moment. That’s what it took. That’s what kicked it all off. That’s why your town is prospering. 

Because you decided to. 

Your homework assignment: Make an appointment 
If you’ve decided to, then it’s time to make a weekly appointment with yourself. Read how to make the best use of one hour a week to change the trajectory of your business or your community

Keep making your town better,