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Print media, TV and radio, books, and academic research citations

Because of my unusual focus on rural business, you’ll find my contributions and mentions of me in more than a dozen books, as well as countless blogs, magazines, podcasts and university publications.

It’s not just the US; mentions come from Romania, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, the Dominican Republic, the UK, Canada and Australia.


Print Book Co-author

Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy

Margie Hall brought her well-used and marked up copy of Becky’s book Small Town Rules to the Inland Northwest Partners’ event in Moscow, Idaho.

by Barry J. Moltz and Becky McCray, 2012, published by Que/Pearson Publishing Company

  • Reprinted by Dorling Kindersley India, international edition paperback, 2015
  • Winner, Small Business Book Awards 2013
  • Winner, NFIB’s Best Small Business Books Published in 2012

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Contributor to Print Books

Mentioned or featured in additional print books

My own blogs and podcasts: 

Small Biz Survival

  • Founder, publisher and principal author since 2006
  • Ranked one of the 25 top small business blogs in the world by Technorati
  • Newstex Authoritative Content publisher – syndicated in LexisNexis, Thomson Business Intelligence, ProQuest and Postmedia Network. Previously included in the Visa Business Network, alltop Small Business, alltop Rural, My Space Small Business News and My Venture Pad
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Podcasts and Video shows

Becky McCray podcasting from SXSW in 2009.
Becky McCray podcasting from SXSW in 2009.

Regular Columns and Guest Series:

Academic research

Cited in international research and academic publications

  • Survey of Rural Challenges, research results presented to Oklahoma State University Rural Renewal Symposium, 2021
  • A Cleave within the Piney Woods: Nacogdoches, Stephen F. Austin State University and How Racial Integration Divided the Town and Gown, Stephen F. Austin State University, Texas, thesis by Caitlin R. Hornback, 2022
  • Little Big Planning: A Millennial Planner’s Take on Small Town & Rural America, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, undergraduate thesis by Jeffrey Setterlund, 2019
  • Clicks and Mortar: The Modernization of Boutique Retail to aid Rural Revitalization in Mississippi, Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College, University of Mississippi, undergraduate thesis by Mary Linley Albert, 2019
  • Small projects as one of the axes of the development of small settlements, Journal of Urban Research, July 2018, by Gihan Hassan Sayed and Hisham Mahmoud Hafez, Faculty of Urban & Regional Planning, Cairo University, Egypt
  • International Association of Community Development, “Survey of Rural Challenges 2017: What small town people in the US and Canada see as their biggest challenges and what topics they most want help with,” Practice Insights issue 10, March 2018
  • City of Belpre Economic Development Strategic Plan, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, Ohio University, 2017
  • Rural Town Development: A Case Study of Gort, County Galway, National University of Ireland, Galway, School of Geography and Archaeology, dissertation by Christopher Fahey, 2016
  • Main Street Revitalization Effort for the Village of Union, Nebraska, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, report by Taylor A. Cox, 2013
  • Social Media & The Entrepreneur, Indiana University – Bloomington, research and report by Dominique Black, Matthew Cheng, and John Sibo, 2012
  • Applying a Metacognitive Model of Strategic Learning for Listening Comprehension, by Means of Online-Based Activities, in a College Course, Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Universidad de La Sabana, Columbia, 2012, thesis by Sandra Patricia Barbosa Hernández
  • Sustainability of Youth Enterprises, International Perspectives in Youth Entrepreneurship Training, Online Sessions, Commonwealth Youth Programme Africa Centre, International Labour Organization, 2012

Television and Radio

Television mentions and interviews:

A panel of presenters from the RFD-TV show
Becky McCray joins Sean Voskuhl and host Christina Loren on the RFD-TV show AARP Live

Radio appearances:

Becky McCray on the radio with Michael Libbe in Des Moines.
Becky McCray on the radio with Michael Libbie in Des Moines

Print mentions: 


Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine
Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine


International small town and big city newspaper mentions

Becky McCray on stage, with a slide showing her Idea Friendly Method
Becky McCray presents the Idea Friendly Method to the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association national conference PowerXchange

Online media coverage

Interviews and Mentions:

Three people standing in front of a building that says "Federal Communications Commission"
Seeking better rural broadband, Edyael Casaperalta, Lucas Nelson, and Becky McCray spoke to staff at the FCC in Washington, D.C.

Online video:

Becky McCray streaming live video with Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone
Becky McCray streaming live video with Chris Brogan and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

Guest Posts Around the Web:

Shashi Bellamkonda Interviews Becky McCray at 2008 BlogWorldExpo
Shashi Bellamkonda Interviews Becky McCray at 2008 BlogWorldExpo

Global Podcast interviews:

Heather Hallgrimson interviews Becky McCray for the Co-operatives First podcast in Canada
Heather Hallgrimson interviews Becky McCray for the Co-operatives First podcast in Canada

Global Blog Interviews and Mentions:

Becky McCray speaking at BlogWorld Expo in 2008.
Becky McCray speaking at BlogWorld Expo in 2008.

eBooks, reports and position papers

eBooks author

Becky McCray’s shop local ebook

Mentioned in or contributed to additional eBooks, reports and papers

University publications

Rural Speaker Becky McCray
Becky McCray speaking to the Community Connect Forum for North Dakota Center for Community Engagement.

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