Seth Godin looks at the loss of geographic advantage


Global bank notes

Seth Godin took on the role of technology in changing the role of geography, in Sovereignty and the new world–the end of nations?

Technology has allowed us to move both information and goods in ways that completely changed long established business patterns. In addition to the changes in communication, look at the changes in containerized intermodals and consumer shipping, for example. Both have changed the meaning of geography.

Godin says governments are losing the battle for control, and that multi-national corporations will have the upper hand. He points to the spread of ideas and the importance of long-term horizons (another small town rule), and even better lawyers.

Taking that one step further, “local” matters more than ever before. That puts an advantage into the hands of local organizations (business, personal, nonprofit).

The savvy multinationals that grasp the importance of local connections will quite possibly have the biggest advantage of all.

Photo: National currencies. Photo by Becky McCray.