Small Town Rules cover

Look for the new book, Small Town Rules By Barry Moltz and Becky McCray in April 2012


Small Town Rules cover

Business is now forced to play be a different set of rules.

  • When every customer can now talk directly to each other, it’s like a small town.
  •  When people listen more to what your customers say about your company than your advertising, it’s like a small town.
  •  When it now takes multiple jobs to support a family, it’s like a small town.
  •  When the individual human voice is valued over corporate mission statements, it’s like a small town.
  •  When everyone online is trying to band together in small communities, it’s like a small town.
  •  When everyone wants to buy their products locally, it’s like a small town.

Every consumer of every company now behaves like they live in a small town. As a result, companies now need to play be a new set of rules: Small town rules.

These new rules apply to small businesses and big brands alike, no matter how big or how urban.

Not surprisingly, few people know about these small town rules. For the first time, this book connects the secrets of three major shifts that create a small town environment.  It is now possible to look at what has made rural entrepreneurs successful for 200 years and apply them to every company.