You can’t positive attitude your way out of problems

Radio host Michael Libbie sat down for a lunch broadcast with my colleague Deb Brown. Every time he brought up a rural challenge, Deb would bring it back around to the positive, to some action we can take. 

“You can’t positive attitude your way out of it,” Michael finally said. 

Well you sure aren’t going to negative attitude your way out of anything. 

Deb and I are relentlessly positive. We’re not focused on the limits, the problems or what we lack. That’s because there is so much we can do, and there are so many other rural people who hold untapped potential. 

It’s not just about having a positive attitude, but also about getting a lot more of us taking action. 

When you kick off a revolution in power, you get a lot more people involved. You have a lot more people seeing their own ideas as valid. You generate a lot more ideas being tried. You get more tiny businesses, more temporary community projects, more ways that more people can do more. 

That’s the Idea Friendly revolution. That’s how you address the challenges, the problems and the things you lack. And that’s enough reason to have a positive attitude. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Listen to Deb’s lunch interview here

Let’s give credit to Michael Libbie. He isn’t negative on rural. He’s been highly receptive to covering rural stories. It’s part of his job as a broadcaster to bring up those negative things, just like it’s Deb’s job to show the positives.