Why won’t people come to our entrepreneur training??

If you set up entrepreneur training, you want to reach as many potential entrepreneurs as you can. When only a handful sign up and even fewer show up and some drop out before the end, it’s discouraging. 

It’s just possible that some of the problem is in how the training is delivered. For formal training events like conferences, there are certain accessibility best practices for entrepreneurship training

If it’s not a conference, but something you’re organizing locally to train entrepreneurs…consider these barriers:

  • Not everyone learns best in a classroom setting.
  • Not everyone has time for a multi-week course.
  • Not everyone hears well enough or speaks English well enough to follow lectures in real time.
  • Not everyone can physically get into the building. 

Deb and I are big fans of informal training to quickly eliminate a lot of those barriers.

Why not just get folks together for back room tours of existing businesses or casual conversations rather than formal lectures?

Once you start thinking about ways to open up to all different kinds of people, you can cut down some of those barriers that are holding them back. With fewer barriers, you have a better chance to reach the people you want to serve. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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