When you look close, it’s a different story

From outside, you may think I’m all success. But if you got up close you’d realize that I fail, too.

Development is a bit like that, too.

Whenever I hear someone talk about how amazing my hometown’s Value Added Products plant that is taking local wheat flour and producing pizza dough is, I think, “It’s really not all that.” Because I’m close to it.

But when I hear about the lavender farm in Ontario that is expanding into a winery, I think it’s terrific. Because I’m not too close to it. 

When you know too much about the situation, you discount it. You focus on the other parts, the not-so-successful parts.

That’s why you think what you do doesn’t really matter that much. Because you’re too close and see all the false starts, the failures and the things you wish you could do but haven’t.

Those are exactly the things that add up to something significant. It’s because you try that you make a difference. Even when you don’t see it.

So before you dismiss what you’re doing for your town as “not that much,” remember what I said. You’re doing it. You’re making a difference.

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