What’s the real goal? What’s our “why”?

You’ve heard that before: Start with why. Knowing the real goal can help you decide what’s really important. 

What’s the real goal of an arts festival? Why do you even have a car show? What is the goal of the city council? What ever the project, who ever the driver, there’s really one essential underlying goal: 

Community is our goal. 

We forget that when we’re mired in debate on legal technicalities in front of the city council. We forget when we’re struggling to maintain an event that has been around for decades and is hard to keep alive. We forget when we’re worried about living up to the “best in the state” reputation of our festival. 

The festival isn’t our goal. Community is our goal. 

So what if it isn’t the best festival ever? So what if the flyers had some misspelled words on them? So what if someone said they’d do something, but they didn’t? 

If you remember that your real goal is building a community, it becomes easier to accept the imperfections that make us human beings. We may not be doing it your way, the way we’ve always done it, or the way the rules say, but we are building community. 

Efficiency isn’t our goal. Compliance is not our goal. Community is our goal. 

You’ll notice that’s splashed right across the center of the Idea Friendly Town Creed: Community is our goal. 

So if a “control enthusiast” like myself can let go and embrace imperfection in the name of community, I’ll bet you can do it, too. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Have you posted a copy of the Idea Friendly Town Creed somewhere in the real world? Shoot me a picture, I’d love to see it!