“The parks department should start an exercise class!”

“I’ve been after the parks people to start an exercise class in the park. Now I realize I just need to go start it.” –participant in one of my workshops

She can start now.

She doesn’t need permission to use the park. She can just show up and find an area that isn’t busy.

She doesn’t need a big group. She can invite a friend or two. 

She doesn’t need an instructor. She can take her iPad and follow along with an instructional video. 

She doesn’t need a formal organization. She can let it grow organically by talking about it. 

She doesn’t need anything external. She can decide and start.

And you’re the same. You don’t need more money, or permission, or more people or more knowledge. Scale the idea down to something you can start today. Trust that it will grow naturally. 

Unleash yourself. Realize you have everything you need to start now.  

Keep shaping the future of your town,