The one thing that says your town will thrive or not

Simple. Maybe too simple. 
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Dean Abbott interviewed me for his podcast, which is partly about moving out of the city to a more deliberate and meaningful life in smaller places. He asked me how someone can tell if the town they are considering moving to is likely to prosper. One factor immediately lept to mind.


How much fighting goes on in your town determines your future. More fighting means less of a future.

Marci Penner, Kansas Sampler Foundation, put it this way:
“Towns that are thriving share a few things in common:  Groups work together. The mayor’s role is to support projects. Young people are involved. The town has fun together.”

So your assignment is to do something fun together. It’s a great first step to being allies, not adversaries.

Drop in on Dean’s Rooted Podcast, about moving out of the city to a more deliberate and meaningful life in smaller places, here. Dean Abbott’s Rooted podcast.

Learn more about Marci Penner and the Kansas Sampler Foundation. Pay special attention to their KanStarter project, bringing crowdfunding to small town projects in Kansas. Kansas Sampler Foundation

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PS – I found this especially useful; it’s a snapshot of financial tools of small town downtown redevelopment.


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