Take your meetings outside, it changes everything

I have this idea that meetings that deal with downtown would be more fun if they were held outside, actually in the downtown.

If you’re having a meeting about anything to do with downtown, wouldn’t it make sense to do that where you can look around at downtown?

If you can’t think of anyplace to meet outside in your downtown, maybe that’s part of what you need to work on. Maybe you need some pleasant places for people to gather and linger.

This is part of “where you stand depends on where you sit”, or how the location affects the conversation. Sitting in the council chambers or a meeting room, you’re too far removed from the life and activity you’re trying to create. Sitting outside downtown, you get a chance to be part of the scene and to think about the potential for improvements. 

Plus there’s research showing more people want to turn out for meetings held outside

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Anyone have a good source for parachute cloth? A town wants to do a temporary mural! I talk about these all the time, but I don’t know where you actually buy cloth for murals.