Required to do strategic planning? Here’s how to translate Idea Friendly into that language

Do you have to do strategic planning? I used to do a lot of it, so I know some good words to use. 

Since you’re doing strategic planning, I know that you’re serving in an official role. So your new official role in the Idea Friendly way is the Venture Capitalist of New Ideas.

  • You make it your business to know about all the cool ideas people are trying
  • You encourage them to run experiments
  • You connect people to the resources they need
  • You only invest your limited official resources in the ideas that are doing well in the real world testing 

How do you say that in the language of strategic planning? 

  • “Environmental awareness” – finding out what everyone is doing
  • “Focus on areas of greatest effectiveness” – investing in the ones that are doing well in testing and real world action
  • “Building Community Connections” – telling people where to find people or resources they need

See? You can do this. You just take the simple language of Idea Friendly and make it sound more…plannerly. 

If you’re stuck on this, hit reply. Tell me what Idea Friendly concept you’re having trouble putting into planner language, and I’ll help you dress it up. And if you have a better way of plannerizing Idea Friendly, tell me about it! 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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