How to shut down “we tried that once” arguments before they even start

I heard this brilliant four step plan from Gina Taruscio from Moscow, Idaho.

When she was introducing a project that had been tried before, she shared four important points.

  1. This didn’t work last time we tried it.
  2. Here’s what we learned.
  3. Here’s my part in that.
  4. Here’s what we’re going to do different.

She starts by admitting it didn’t work. 
She shares lessons learned that will make this time more likely to work. 
She takes responsibility, a powerful action. 
Finally, she lays out the new and improved project. 

Of course, those few negative people will still say, “We tried that once” or something equally silly. But if you say it this way, you’ve laid a solid foundation with everyone else in the room.  

Print this one out, or save it to your favorite “save for later” place. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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