Crowdsourced coffee shop ideas

At the Main Street Now conference, I sat in on a session about coffee shops. I wrote down bunches of ideas that the audience shared. I thought you might know a coffee shop person, or you might think of ways to use these with other types of businesses.

  • Hold trivia nights or allow groups to meet in your space to drive more business
  • Start a book club in your place
  • Tell your story online. How were you founded? What is your history?
  • Leverage your relationships with other businesses to put together a tour of businesses, or an experience that includes more than just your business
  • Host readings, where customers can come in and share their writings
  • Host adult coloring groups or game nights to bring in more evening customers
  • Find out more about the people who work from your space, the people who bring in their laptops and work. What is their business? Is there potential to connect with them?
  • Display coffee mugs from all the different businesses in town
  • Provide vegetarian and vegan choices on the menu
  • Support local causes and share about them
  • Promote the chance to make friends, especially for new residents
  • Reach out to new residents to make them aware of your place (You can find them through real estate agents.)
  • Promote how people can connect with people not necessarily like them, how you play a role in strengthening community ties across groups in town. 

Do you have any small town coffee shop ideas to add? Hit reply and let me know. I’ll share all the ideas in a future story at 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS –  Did you see these budget backyard ideas? I think you could steal a bunch of them for your public parks this summer. Nothing says small town summer like stock tank pools!