Fairfield Inn promotes their “small town cool”

Lobby sign in the Fairfield Inn in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Lobby sign in the Fairfield Inn in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Fairfield Inn, a Marriott brand, is promoting its small town cool roots. This sign from the lobby of the Fairfield Inn in Hutchinson, Kansas, lays out the rural connection, right down to the horseback photo and cowboy hat.

“Fairfield Farm was J. Willard Marriott’s favorite vacation home, known for the warm welcome it provided to family and firends. This same dedication to guests and commitment to quality and service live on in Fairfield Inn and Suites today. The tradition of personal hospitality extended to guests at the Fairfield Farm is the cornerstone of every hotel, and serves as the inspiration for our Guest Promises and our Brand.”

Marriott is using the small town/rural qualities of culture and place to build the culture and sense of place in their brand. The local connection and personal hospitality are also small town traits.

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