Domino’s Pizza shows off local ties

Parmesan Bread Bites spread on a cutting board

Small Town Rule 7 is to build ties to your local communities. Dominoes Pizza is doing that with their commercial playing up the contribution of a local franchisee.

The commercial says that product ideas don’t usually come from the store level, but their new Parmesan Bread Bites came from Brian Edler, Domino’s franchise holder on Main Street in Downtown Findlay.

The commercial does a good job of featuring Edler, local car dealer Bob LaRichie, and even the water tower from Findlay, Ohio (pop 41,000).

This kind of local feature is just one way that national brands can effectively build local ties and better appeal to today’s local-conscious consumers.

Domino’s is following up by adding a Think Oven, an online suggestion box, on its Facebook Page, to build more individual interaction. Let’s hope they also follow up with more focus on the local, as well.

Read more in Domino’s press room and at the Toledo Blade.

(c) photo provided by Domino’s Pizza Media Relations.