Andy Hayes uses Small Town Rules to build a sophisticated business

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of Small Town Rules and winning a 2013 Small Business Book Award, we’ve asked a few friends to share the rules that are a part of their business every day.

Portrait of Andy Hayes

Andy Hayes used this idea to talk about the difference between a complex business and a sophisticated business, using Rule 6: Be Proud of Being Small.

“I actually think lots of business owners make the mistake of thinking they want a big business that’s complex, when really, you just want a business that is the “right” size. Even tiny businesses can have a “sophisticated” offering – e.g. a product or service that is high-touch and high-value.”

In fact, maybe it’s time to clean out your business and simplify your offerings, Andy says.

View the quick 2 minute video here: The Difference Between a Complex and a Sophisticated Business.