A positive view of rural: You are so lucky to live here!

Back in the summer time, a small auto repair shop owner in Elliot Lake, Ontario, was posting his “gone fishing” sign and taking off in the middle of the afternoon. His city friend, who vacations there every year, happened to catch him at it and said, “You are so lucky to live here!” 

The small town mechanic looked at the Jaguar his friend was driving. He looked back at his own beat up pickup. He looked back at his friend and says, “But look at this Jag you’re driving and your city life and the money you make. You are the lucky one!” 

“No,” the friend said. “I work 50 weeks a year so I can come visit here for just 2 weeks. You get to live here.” 

We forget, don’t we, how lucky we are to live in our small towns. We forget that other people work hard all year just to get away from the big city for two weeks. In fact, if you ask big city people where they want to live, 40% say they’d rather be in a small town or rural area. (You’ll find that stat buried in the middle of the article.) 

Of course there are downsides and problems. But day to day, we forget the reasons we love living in a small town.  

Your homework assignment is: 
Think of one reason you’re lucky to live in your small town. Share it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram or the network of your choice. And hit reply and tell me about it. 

Keep making your small town better,


PS –  Need more volunteers in your town? Here’s an excellent idea: hold an expo to promote local volunteer opportunities.