I really did break my leg once. This is what I learned.
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Howdy Friend,

When you find yourself completely painfully overwhelmed with your commitments, you need to say no to some things that you already said yes to. But you probably feel like you can’t back out now. Time to apply the broken leg test. 

If you broke your leg tomorrow, could you back out? Of course you could. People would understand. They’d be helpful, in fact. Well, your current state of overwhelm may be just as acute as a broken leg. 

Pick up the phone and call the person you need to back out on. Tell them, “If I broke my leg, I know you’d understand. I may not have a broken leg, but I’m hurting just as much. I need to stop this commitment.” I bet they’ll understand.  

When you reach the point that the overwhelm is just as painful and just as immediate as a broken leg, make those calls. 

Your homework assignment is: 
Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. And support a locally-owned business.  

Keep making your small town better,

PS – Save this link for later! If your local government makes a bad, backroom deal, counter it with a grassroots Plan B http://buff.ly/1GBbfTW   

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