You have lots of ideas, but not enough people to do them all.

A new reader mentioned that her small town has a lot of ideas, but just doesn’t have enough people to actually do them all. She’s not the only one in that spot.

Susan Curry, Smithville, Texas:
“Our little town is very friendly and has a lot to offer locals and tourists. Our main problem is that there is a core group of people that is on every committee (myself included). We are a tireless and positive group but we can’t do it all. So while there are a bunch of great ideas and lots of things we could do to promote our town we don’t have enough volunteer support or money and so far have been unsuccessful in getting more people involved.”

I think that every small town can identify with that. And really, it’s true all over.

I have more ideas for my business than I could ever pursue. Probably true for our rural nonprofits, also. And I’m betting if we checked with big city folks, they have more ideas than they can ever take on, too.

It’s just part of being human and having ideas.

But Susan also brings up that key issue: getting more people involved. We’ve talked about that several times. It comes down to this:

Let people do it themselves. 

Let them dream up their own ideas. Let them do it their own way. Let them take risks and even fail.

How are you changing the way people get involved in your town? I’d really love to hear your specific ideas, ways you’re making it work. So hit reply and tell me about it.

You do know I’m not kidding, right? Hit reply right now and tell me about the new volunteers in your town.

Keep making your small town better,

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