You have bonus points! 

Last week, I invited you to reach out to each other in the Brag Basket. And you did. So you get bonus points:

  • Katy Kassian
  • Paul and Brenda Anderson
  • Lisa Harper (+10 for encouraging others)
  • Hope Spano (+40 for encouraging!)
  • Cindy Kelly (+10)
  • Jeanne Cole (+10)
  • Mary Pothast (+10)
  • Bruce Dierking
  • Katy F.
  • Terry
  • Cheyenne McGrff (+10)
  • Helen Norman Dobbs
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Tammie Virden (+10)
  • Kerry Redshaw
  • Kay Toombs
  • Emily
  • Melissa Waldner (+10)
  • Denny (+10)
  • Hank van Apeldoorn

You shared about people receiving awards and honors, raising money for others, local claims to fame, festivals and events, arts, museums, food, entrepreneur classes, health care, filling empty buildings, ag-based businesses, beautification, activities, new residents, youth-lead challenges, and community involvement.  

I noticed you came from towns in North Dakota, New Zealand, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Australia. We’re all in this together; we’re just in separate towns.

Mary Pothast said, “We have a lot to be thankful for here, and sometimes we just don’t know it!” You might have thought the same thing. 

So here’s your chance to get in there this week. Go to the Brag Basket now and share your good news or what makes you smile about your town. 

There is a secret to why you and I are doing this. It’s a demonstration of the three principles of shaping a brighter future for your town. It’s a “Draw Your Crowd” activity. I’m drawing you in with all the action. And it’s a “Connect Them” activity. You are finding other people just like you, some who are nearby, and others who are far away but doing great stuff you can steal from. (I mean learn from.) And it’s a “Build Smaller Steps” activity as I’m asking you to take tiny, easy steps. (I had this new insight yesterday that the three principles are actually three colors that blend together. I’ll tell you more about it later.) 

So get into the Brag Basket. Share your good news. And think about how you could do something like this for your town. 
Keep shaping the future of your town,