You don’t have to know all the answers

We don’t have to know all the answers. We just have to be open to the answers when they present themselves. And we do that by testing new ideas. 

It’s not that there’s a lack of new ideas in your community right now. From emails to advice to new programs, everyone is getting plenty of ideas to try. 

What your community lacks is ways for people to try their ideas in small enough ways. Any ideas might be the ones that would work best in rebuilding your community, but there’s no way to guess which ones. Rather than taking a vote, compromising or watering down ideas until enough people can agree on them, better to run a quick and simple test to see whether it might work here and now. In fact, let’s test lots of ideas. Then we could rally behind the ones that prove themselves in testing in our community. 

What would that look like? It looks like the Idea Friendly Method. You start by choosing one big idea for your community. You use that big idea to gather your crowd, to find out who else is interested, excited and willing to join in. Then you turn that crowd into a powerful network by building connections. You and your newly powerful network start testing those ideas by taking small steps. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – If you’re trying to figure out how to restart local shopping in your town now or eventually, we have a 25 minute video to help you called Restarting Local Shopping