Why you can’t share these emails ?

There’s a good reason I don’t make these emails easy for you to share on Facebook.

I know you want to share them. You like the message, and you want to get it to more people. That’s good. Why on earth would I stand in your way? 

Because I want people not to just read and nod, but also to take action. 

Shares on social media do get read by more people, but it takes regular contact to get people to take action. While I like social shares, I know that people like you who read these emails are the ones who put the ideas into practice.

Even though there are more than 3,000 of you, I still think of you as one person, just you. I write to you, and I listen every time you hit reply. 

If these emails were all publicly posted on a blog, a lot fewer people would take the extra step to subscribe and read them each week in their email. What really counts to me is building our personal relationship by email. That way we can talk each week, you can hit reply, and we get to know each other. 

Yes, I’d like you to get a ticket for a webinar, or become a Megaphone Member, or invite me to experience your community with an embedded visit or presentation. But more than that, I want to see you shape a better future for your community. 

I do try to provide you with good shareable articles, which I post publicly at SmallBizSurvival.com. Often, you’ll see me take one of these emails that you told me was especially good and post I’ll it over there, along with an invitation to subscribe.  

You are always welcome to copy and share a snippet or segment (even a long one) from any of my emails on your Facebook page, as long as you include a link to SaveYour.Town. But not every week, right? Because nothing beats this relationship you and I build when we talk direct in your inbox. We’re all in this together; we’re just in separate towns.

Keep shaping the future of your town,