Why “6 characteristics of successful small towns” is useless

Another week, another list of the “6 characteristics of successful small towns.” Seems like these pop up every so often, but I can’t say I like them. 

This one had the usual things like a willingness to invest in projects, forward-thinking leaders and a shared vision. 

My problem withers lists is that they are about as useful as a Facebook quiz on “what kind of tree are you?” Interesting information, maybe, but not terribly practical. 

If you have the characteristics, you feel all smug about your smart town. If you don’t measure up, you feel bad. What’s worse, you don’t have any way to improve. 

We need the “how.” 

We don’t need that many examples of towns that are already succeeding. We need to know how they changed, what actions we can take to promote that change. 

This is exactly why Deb Brown and I give you the Idea Friendly method. We tell you the how. No matter what your goal is for your town, we give you practical steps you can take immediately to start creating change. 

The Idea Friendly method aims to help you change the fundamental ways we work together. When you change the way you work together, you change people’s behaviors. Change people’s behaviors, and you improve your score on those success lists.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Here’s one practical example of Idea Friendly. Download this pdf of 101 Ways to Start More Tiny Businesses in Your Town. Pick one or two of the ideas. Start doing them. You’ll be starting on your own Idea Friendly journey.