A vintage sign on a downtown building says, "Telephone. Telegrams may be telephoned."

Who’s in your message group? An Idea Friendly way to stay motivated

Two people at the Oklahoma Arts Council conference mentioned their support message groups. This is such a simple idea I wanted to share it with you. 

Alena Jennings said people call her The Doodle Lady because she runs The Doodle Academy, an art experience education business in downtown Ponca City. Alena has connected with several other people who also have retail arts- and event-based businesses downtown. They started a text or message group to share with each other about books they’re reading, things they’re learning, events they’re doing, and other ideas they can share. 

Simple, right?

Comanche Nation Chairman Mark Woommavovah said he has worked to build friendships with nearby leaders at the Fort Sill army base and the City of Lawton. Mark, the base commander and the city mayor call themselves The Three Horsemen, and they often text and keep in touch. 

Idea Friendly, obviously. 

Building Connections is essential to keeping up our motivation in rural areas. You may have only one or two peers in your own town, but you can reach across boundaries to connect with people in nearby communities or those who work far away.

You can also reach across the boundaries of different types of business.  Deb was part of an informal group in Iowa that included her as a marketer, several retail store owners, and a winery owner. They met in person, too. (At the winery, of course!) 

Who is in your message group? Who would you want to stay in touch with or exchange ideas with? Pick one person and text them right now. Just say, “Let’s start a group to share ideas.”

Keep shaping a better future for your town,


Photo CC by Andy Powell