Who your awards missed

Do you give awards? Lots of economic development organizations, chambers and other groups give awards for entrepreneurs and businesses. That’s an opportunity to show that you value people. 

At SaveYour.Town, Deb and I have been thinking a lot about including everyone in your community fairly. For example, Norfolk County, Ontario, gives the usual kind of Entrepreneur of the Year award, and also gives a Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

That reminds you of all the amazing young entrepreneurs in your town, doesn’t it? Who else can you think of? Could you add awards for home-based entrepreneurs, new businesses, arts businesses, traditional cultural businesses? 

There’s not a thing wrong with giving a bunch of awards, as long as you’re valuing people. 

How could you expand your awards categories to include more people? 

Keep shaping a better future for your town,


PS – If you’re working on equity, fairness or including more people in your community, check out our video on Equity in Rural Economic Development.