Where will you get food in the next crisis?

Growing resilience–literally growing it


When the next crisis hits, where will your community turn for food? 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a disaster, a pandemic, an economic crunch, or some other variation of catastrophe. We all have been reminded that there will be a next one. Right now, a lot of work is going into being better prepared and more resilient as individuals, families and communities. 

No matter what the future throws at us, our communities will be better prepared with more food that’s locally grown and ready to share.  

That’s why farm shares and CSAs are already sold out for the year. It’s why even not-very-good gardeners like me are planting extra so we can share with our community. It’s why everyone from major corporations to cooperative extension groups are doing more to support the pipeline from gardens to local food businesses. 

More people growing more food will mean more “we could sell this” moments, more tiny starts at farmers markets, more experiments with recipes, more growing food businesses. And that’s good. 

Our economy will be stronger with a more diverse business base that includes locally grown foods.

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Deb and I focused the second half of this month’s video on how food builds a more resilient community


Becky McCray from SaveYour.Town speaking about how food builds community.
Watch this free sample from our video Food Builds Community.

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