Where are you from? What small town?

When someone asks you, “Where are you from?” how do you answer them? A lot of small town people make the same mistake when they answer that.

“Where are you from?” 
–“Oh, I’m from a little town you’ve never heard of.”
–“I live near (Big City).”
–“Do you know where (Other City) is? We’re kind of near there.” 

Doesn’t your town have a name? Aren’t you proud of it? Who cares if the other person has never heard of it before. They’re fixing to hear of it, because you’re going to tell them. 

If you meet my friend James, he’ll extend his hand and introduce himself this way: 
“James Leonard, Buffalo, Oklahoma, 73834.” 

He’s done it that way since high school. He’s still doing it. Not that you need to know his ZIP (postal) code, but he wants to be sure you know he’s from Buffalo, a proud town of 1,299 people. Not from “a small town you never heard of” or “a little place in Northwest Oklahoma.” Buffalo. A real place. 

So, let me ask you. Where are you from? Hit reply and tell me. Even if I already know, you can remind me. It’s an exercise in pride and it’s building community between us.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – I really mean it. Hit reply, tell me your town name. I’d love to say hi back!