What’s the best thing can economic developers do for small business❓

Long time small town friend Dave Quinn asked me what my local economic development people could have done to help me as a local business owner. He sorta stumped me on that one. But the longer I thought about it, I came up with two things. 

The first thing would be to ask. Just ask. If my local economic developers want to know what would help me, it would be great to have them ask me directly. Same in your town, I’m sure. And if you’re an economic developer, you could ask your local businesses. And give them some time to think, because it took some time for me to come up with a realistic and useful answer, which I’m fixing to tell you. 

The second thing would be to Build Connections. Help me find people locally who already offer something I need, and help local people who need what I have find me. You’d be surprised how little we know about what is going on in our own towns. I’m constantly surprised when I find out a local business offers a cool product or service I didn’t know they had. 

What would you tell Dave? How could your local economic development people (theoretically) help your small business? If you’re an economic developer, how are you helping your local small businesses (that you can share)?  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Are people in your town still talking about that one thing from the past? That one negative thing, right? Well, we’d like to help you change the conversation