What you need before you can take action

You have everything you need. I know it’s really hard to believe, but play along with me for a minute, if you would.

When I was in Illinois, people brought up a lot of issues holding them back. The city council is spending money on the wrong priorities. This foundation is giving money to the wrong things. There aren’t any entrepreneurs in town, so we need to recruit from outside. What if the answer to all of those is already at hand?

It doesn’t matter what the council is doing. You don’t need them. Go do your thing, starting by gathering a crowd. You don’t need their permission or anything. Let them do their own thing.

It doesn’t matter what the foundation is funding. You don’t need money. It doesn’t take any money to start conversations and Take Small Steps around the thing that matters most to you. If you think it takes money, your steps are too big. Take Smaller Steps.

You don’t need outside entrepreneurs. You have your own people. They might be kids in school, families with lower incomes, or retired seniors, but you have potential entrepreneurs. Start with them.

Anytime you think there is something you need, start by Gathering Your Crowd. You need a crowd so you can Build Connections. When you Build Connections, you build your network, and your network is where you find the resources you need. Your network is also where you find the innovative ideas that let you solve a problem in a way you never would have guessed alone.

So think about the thing you need, the thing driving you crazy. Pretend for a minute that it doesn’t matter at all. The only thing you need is the Idea Friendly Method. That brings you the people, the connections, and the action steps that are perfectly do-able.

You have everything you need.

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS –  In other #IdeaFriendly news, be the small town that supports kid entrepreneurs, not the permit-obsessed crackdown town