What would you do if you didn’t meet and plan?

Imagine if you didn’t do a strategic plan. 

Old Way: 
You gather groups of people
but it’s the same people as the last time and the time before that

and you meet in a room
but your community happens outside that room in the downtown, in businesses, in homes and parks and streets and on sidewalks

and the consultant walks you through the process
though you know the drill so well you could do it in your sleep

and you brainstorm what could go in the plan
but it’s the same things that always go in the plans and the same people say the same things and bring up the same issues

and you vote on priorities 
but your priorities never seem to come out on top

and you end up with a plan
but a lot of it goes undone and gets recycled into the next plan

What if we stopped doing that?
Imagine if we kept a Possibilities List As of Now called it the plan.  

I think we’ll be talking more about this. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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