What kind of town will we create today?

It’s not the officials who make your town what it is going to be. It’s not the leaders or the important people. The people who make your town are just like you. 

Every morning, you get up and you decide what kind of town you’re going to make today. Probably you don’t think about it, and you just go about your day. But that is exactly what makes your town what it is. 

Your town gets shaped by the everyday actions of regular people. 

Not happy with some part of your town? You have to start by changing people’s action.

The way you change those actions is to change what people believe about the town and their role. 

If people believe the town has a potentially positive future and that they have a role in making that, they act like that. 
If people believe the town has no future and they have no role, they’ll do nothing for the common good. 

Secret: you have both kinds of people in your town right now. Your goal is to help just a few more people see the positive future they can create. That’s enough to create a tipping point. 

How do you change their thinking? Start them acting like it in small ways. We are all acting our way into a different way of thinking. 

So…what kind of town are you going to make today?  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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