What do you struggle with?

Last week, both my friend Rob and I took time out from all that demands our attention to spend time at conferences that energize us. We both work from our homes in small towns, so we both value that in-person time to focus and think. Even though we were at very different events, we got together for a wrap up, “what did you take away?” phone call. 

My takeaway was a renewed sense of purpose. I want to help your business, and the others in your town, prosper so your town can prosper. (If you’re not a business person, I want to help you to become one, at least on the side.) So far, I mostly do that through these short, free resources, or by coming to speak in your town which costs thousands of dollars.

This sounds a bit obvious now, but I finally realized you would probably appreciate some solutions that work for you that are more in-depth than just a quick article, and are priced somewhere below the thousands mark. 

Part of our sharing this positive view of rural is sharing solutions, too. But I need to know what you’re actually struggling with, what you need solutions for. Now, I realize I can’t solve everything, but I sure can’t if you don’t tell me.  

So what are you struggling with? It might be something with your business, or something with your small town. Maybe I can help. Maybe I can point you at someone else that has succeeded. Maybe I can create something more substantial that helps you work through a problem all the way to a solution. 

Just hit reply, and tell me about it.