We’re not going to save your town. So why is that our name?

Here’s how we picked our name. Deb and I had decided to do a project together to work with small towns. We were trying to decide on a name. Deb was searching for domain names, and found out .town was a thing now. Almost immediately, she came up with SaveYour.Town, and it was available. So that sounded great, and she bought the URL. 

You can hear the rest of the story on our About page. It’s the first video. You can also scroll down and watch videos with Deb’s superpower, what our red and blue colors represent, and the story of how Deb and I actually met. 

These are our founding stories. Since Deb and I have been doing this for 5 years now, we decided to share them. If you need something to do for an hour, you can watch the entire recording of our FaceBook Live session here

Enjoy your holidays. Thank you for all your do for your own community. You’re part of a whole movement of people building community from the ground up. We love that about you!

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – I asked the economic developers at MidAmerica Economic Development Conference for their best tip to support tiny businesses. I shared 17 tips here. I think number 17 is the best one.