Watch-word for 2014 is Implementation

I’m not much on resolutions, but John C. Shepard, planner from Wyoming, said something that caught my attention:

“Implementation is my watch-word for 2014.” 

That deceptively simple sentence could change everything for us this year. What if you made implementation your watch word?

You’d choose to act now, instead of waiting for the perfect time, or the perfect funding or the perfect people.

You have everything you need to start implementation. You don’t need more money, more people, more research. You can start now. Start with lighter, quicker, cheaper projects. They will carry you towards those bigger projects.

Let’s take just one example. Did you read this story about How to build more cooperation in your community? It’s a simple step-by-step article on one way to radically improve the cooperation between boards, committees and other groups in your town. You probably did read it. But did you do it? That’s implementation.

This is your implementation assignment for the week. Read How to build more cooperation in your community. Take the first step to reach out to another community organization and make this happen.

Then hit reply and tell me about it. Implement.


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