Want to save your local businesses? Put them together

You wish you could help stabilize your existing businesses that just need a little help right now. And you need to support your newest startups in this tough time to get going: Let’s put them together. 

When you put a new startup inside an existing business, the startup brings new energy. They’re actively striving for new customers. They’re willing to try new things. They’re in the excited phase. That’s going to boost the enthusiasm of the existing business. 

The experienced business owner could share some of what they’ve learned. They’re able to give back to the business community. They’re doing something meaningful. And in those conversations helping the startup, they’re more likely to see new answers to their own situation. 

Lower startup costs help the new business. Anything the startup can pay towards rent can help the existing business keep going. Any ideas they exchange are good for them both. Any cross promotion they do helps, too.

Of course it won’t work in every case. But what if the perfect pairing is right there in your town now? 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Putting businesses together is just one of the ideas in our video Refilling Your Business Pipeline