Top 3 reasons people move back to rural areas

Three things hit me today that made me think the theme this week is “technology gets us beyond boundaries.”

1. You can live the life you want anywhere in the world.
That’s from the introduction to Navigating Social Media: A Field Guide from our rural friends at 9 Clouds. 

  • “When you are digitally literate, you are no longer stuck. Your community, wherever you choose to be (or are forced to be), is the perfect place to create your life. It might be in your hometown, a new country or on the road, but you now have the power to choose both your community and your life.” 

The Guide is mainly about social media, how to build your home base and outposts. It’s going to be really useful for you and for your local businesses. Send them here to get it:

(Yes, I’m mentioned in it, but I wouldn’t even tell you about it if I didn’t think it was truly useful.)

2. Why would a New Jersey retiree move to South Dakota? 
Rick Skorupski explained it was about the rural people and the lower cost of living. But it was also about technology that let him stay part of the global world while living where he wanted. Listen in to his interview here.

3. Brain Gain
Several of you helped me connect to Benjamin S. Winchester, Extension Center for Community Vitality at the University of Minnesota. He’s the one documenting Minnesota’s Brain Gain of new residents. I can’t wait to talk with him soon. Thank you for helping us connect.

Ben says there are three reasons people move back to rural communities:

  1. Slower pace of life
  2. Safety and security
  3. Low cost of housing

(Jobs didn’t even make the top 8 reasons for moving back.)

Learn more about Ben’s work on Brain Gain here.


PS – Thank you for being part of this group. What you do for your town matters, maybe even more than you know.