Fluid design mural says Laundromat

The Idea Friendly Method works for any idea, including starting a laundromat on a budget

Emily Karsjens Perry asked, “Has anyone seen an example of an Idea Friendly laundromat? My brain is mulling over how to start one very small, possibly in combination with other 24 hour machines.”

An Idea Friendly approach to Emily’s laundry ideas would be to:

  1. Build connections to find what you need without spending any more than you have to at first.
  2. Take small steps and experiment with extra services cheaply to find which ones people use.

Here’s what Building Connections could look like:

  • Often, hotels and motels offer a laundry area, maybe just one washer and dryer pair. See if you can build on that.
  • Or, ask churches if they have laundry capability and could open it further to the public even during limited hours.
  • Deb Brown mentioned a Chicago sports bar that offered laundry in the back.
  • Ask around for other groups or people in town who might be good partners.

Here are some extra services to experiment by Taking Small Steps:

  • Emily mentioned 24 hour vending machines and exercise equipment. (If your Idea Friendly mind went straight to asking around to find donated or thrifted exercise equipment, 5 bonus points!)
  • Sheila Scarborough mentioned the combination businesses Frama Coffee at Tumbleweed Laundry formerly in Marfa, TX. (Idea Friendly version: single serve coffee machine?)
  • Deb Brown said another laundromat in Thomasville, NC, was near a bingo parlor. Deb said you often saw folks doing laundry crossing the parking lot to play bingo. (Idea Friendly question: could you try a pop-up laundry, maybe in an empty building near an attraction like bingo?)

What ideas would you throw in the wash?

Keep shaping a better future for your town,