Stop reading the RFP list  🙈😎

Dear Small Towns, 

Stop reading the economic development RFP list of businesses asking you to compete with incentives to lure them in. 

Your entire town

You have more than enough to do to build local opportunity. You have plenty of potential business right here. 

You could be focusing on supporting what Mark Riffey calls “Two Pizza Teams.” 

You could be using the Innovative Rural Business Models to spread economic opportunity to a lot more people in your community.  

You could be converting an existing space into a shared space to give opportunity to a dozen new tiny businesses and turn people’s lives around

You could be filling up an empty lot with storage sheds to grow new businesses in.

I’d give you more ideas, but you don’t need them. What you need is time to do them. And you get that time when you stop doing things that are unproductive or even counterproductive. I’d suggest that RFP list is the first thing that can go.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS –  Want to see some far-out lodging ideas? Most of these are in rural places or would work rural. Giant nests, clear bubbles, pods on a cliff face, and more. Watch the video here

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