Recession? Practical steps from my peers

I have a monthly call with 2 international business friends where we share our work and mentor each other. Last week, one of them asked how we felt and what we planned for possible recession.

Erno studies the stoic philosophy and says not to worry about this kind of issue. Focus on what you can control, including your own skills and your own business. Also, don’t over-monitor the news.

I said that I tend to think less about recession and more about my exposure to risks. Look at your income streams and decide which ones may be affected by the risks of a possible recession. Take any action you need to better protect your income or assets.

Stephanie said especially in difficult times, we should all stay connected. Reach out to your network of people. Make introductions and help others. Pay it forward.

As a group, we felt “stay the course” was the best advice for us. Know your goals and strategies. Keep working your plan.

What are you feeling, and what practical steps are you taking?

Keep shaping a better future for your town,


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