Rebuilding tip: look one size smaller

While you’re focused on rebuilding your local economy, look one size smaller than you’re used to. 

Here’s why: your future entrepreneurs have fewer resources right now. They need smaller opportunities. 

If your economic plan says you want 10-employee sized businesses, support self-employed people wanting to make their first hire. If you want more self-employed people, give people more tiny and temporary opportunities to experiment with starting a business. 

If you want to fill downtown storefronts, create more shared storefronts with multiple smaller businesses in them. If you want more new smaller businesses to fill your shared storefronts, create more chances for people to sell from booths at events. 

Support retail and services with one day business fairs, afternoon pop-ups and evening booths. 

Build manufacturing with crafternoons, maker fairs and shared garage-size workshops. 

Bigger projects may make bigger headlines. Tiny businesses build resilience.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – ICYMI, I kinda cut loose with this editorial on Economic self-defense for small towns. Let me know what you think.   

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