Main Street shares the future of retail

Main Street America invited me to write about the future of retail in their annual report, State of Main. Of course I said yes, because I knew I could talk all about small towns.  

There are a lot of experts on the retail industry. Many talk about the wave of retail closures. Most are focused on how it affects the big box retailers. Only a few of them even thought about the opportunities for smaller, local retail. Because I’m the one who cares about small towns, I always come back to how this could affect small towns and rural people. And that’s the focus of my piece.  

I do this with all big trends, whether it’s about retail, business, art or agriculture or something else that looks like it matters to rural. I do this because I’m on a mission. My mission is to help you shape a brighter future for your town no matter what the negative people do, giving you practical steps you can put into action right away.

There are a lot of threads in that Future of Retail piece that may sound familiar, if you’ve been keeping up: 

  • Retail’s Big Split
  • How technology makes purchase decisions for us
  • The general consumer trend to shop small

You know me, though. It’s full of action steps: 

  • Actions for local leaders and officials
  • Actions for small retailers
  • Actions for communities and organizations

And stories. Some you’ll know, like Tionesta Market Village, but some may be new to you, like Zuni, New Mexico. 

Go download a copy of the Future of Retail from Main Street America. And if you like it, spread it around.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS –  Just wanted to remind you that 99% of the best things you can do for your town don’t require anyone else’s permission. Here’s a list to get you started 101 small ways you can improve your city

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