It’s still the Year of Remote Work

Remote work was always the trend that was going to happen really soon. I can’t tell you how many years were declared the Year of Remote Work, yet the percentage of jobs done remotely barely changed. 

For rural people like you and me, distance work has always been our reality. Just as soon as any new technology appeared, we started using it to overcome distance. And that goes all the way back to rural free delivery and rural mail routes.

Since 2006, I’ve written a couple of dozen articles, videos and an entire chapter of my book about the possibilities of remote work, rural sourcing and zoom towns. 

The Year of Remote Work turned out to be 2020. And in the two years since, remote work has stayed at the center of attention. It has been joined by remote schooling and the homework gap. 

This is why we’ve brought back our video Remote Work Ready: Zoom Towns. It’s 31 minutes long, and everything you’ll learn is do-able, affordable and scaled for small towns.  

This video will show you practical ways you can:

  • Make the most of your Internet service and your places for people to work remotely. 
  • Create the sense of community remote workers are looking for. 
  • Respond to resistance and build local support for remote working and remote workers.

You’ve had a couple of years. Is your town remote work ready? 

Photo: Workshifting at the RV Park, CC by CC Chapman