I’m not the expert

I’m not an expert in every facet of rural life. I can’t solve every problem or answer every question.

Often, you’ll ask me about an issue I don’t know much about. How do we cope with losing our school? What should we do about parking meters? Why won’t our town board approve more apartment buildings? I do my best to find the people who do know the answers, to dig up resources to help you. Your questions help me learn new things.

The area where I know the most is small business. I’m a local business owner who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. I knew I understood my mission when I realized I don’t have to be the expert in every aspect of rural life. I just need to focus on my field: business.

Your locally owned independent businesses are your best tool for prosperity. When they prosper, your community will prosper.

The more local business people talk to each other, the more they help build a thriving business community.

The more money community members spend with local businesses, the more your businesses will have to share back to the community.

The more local businesses do to serve people, they more they earn the right to serve those local customers. When they stay open longer hours, carry the right merchandise, give outstanding customer service, keep their prices competitive, market in ways that connect with people and generally act like competitive businesses, they earn more loyalty.

The more your businesses prosper, they more they can invest in solving community problems. The more businesses prosper, the more people they employ, the more services they buy, and the more causes they support with donations.

Of course I welcome your questions on all the challenges you face in your community, not just business. I know it’s all interrelated. But these are the reasons I always come back to business, why I sound like a broken record and why I keep writing at SmallBizSurvival.com.

When your local businesses prosper, your town will prosper.

Keep shaping the future of your community,

PS – The Tour of Empty Buildings organizer Deb Brown and I are partnering to create a kit to show you exactly what they did to create a successful tour and to market the tour and results on a national level. The Tour Kit will be available in early August.