I have a question about you

A reporter asked me about towns where business people have pulled together to turn the town around. I wanted to tell him about you, but something held me back.

See, I know a lot about Webster City, Iowa, because my friend Deb Brown tells me all about it. I know about Lincoln, Illinois, because their mayor Keith Snyder told me. I know about popular examples like Ord, Nebraska, because everyone talks about them.

But I don’t know about your town. I need you to tell me.

Tell me about how people have made the difference, how people have turned around a bad situation, how people have pulled together to make something good happen.

Tell me about the little victories and the small steps forward. Tell me about how it all added up over time.

Don’t assume I already know, because I probably forgot, or misplaced your email, or lost track. Maybe I just need a reminder. But I do want to know.

Just hit reply and tell me your story. I’ll share it back here with your friends and fellow readers, and in my Brag Basket at SmallBizSurvival.com. And I’ll tell anyone who asks.

Keep making your small town better,

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