A mood board collage of photos of Becky McCray and Deb Brown helping rural communities, with the title 2024 Helping You Along the Way

How SaveYour.Town is helping small towns in 2024

See our mood board, above? It’s all about how SaveYour.Town is helping you along the way in 2024 and beyond.

Deb Brown and I picked that phrase, helping you along the way, because we know that you’re full up on work to do.

You’re probably involved in multiple organizations in your community. Certainly you are working on multiple projects at the same time, and you have a life and responsibilities outside of your community projects. A lot of what you do is unpaid, either as a volunteer or doing more than your job because you care.

I love your rural spirit of helping and doing more, and I don’t love how it wears you down.

You’re faced with more ideas and potential solutions for your challenges than ever before, as dozens of new rural services and agencies have popped up over the past few years. Trying to research and evaluate them all would take more hours than there are in your day.

Every idea Deb and I share is scaled for rural places like yours and flexible enough for any place to adapt. We’ve developed these practical steps over the past 9 years by listening to you and 2000 small town people on our Survey of Rural Challenges. We’ve visited dozens of rural communities talking to everyday people as well as leaders, and that keeps us grounded in the real world.

Whether you have a big budget or not, you have access to our free tools to share in your communities. This newsletter is one tool, sharing rural-tested practical ideas. You’ll find more real-world advice in our free webinars, including Rural Housing with Ben Winchester, Community Collaboration with Dell Gines, and Rural People and Place with Melody Warnick coming in June.

Sometimes a video or an idea isn’t enough. You want someone to help you put an idea together or walk through a process with input from someone outside your town. Deb is the perfect person for that kind of coaching.

There are more ways for us to work together, listed on our mood board, everything from a single speech to a three day visit to ongoing help with a big project.

We’re here for you, helping you along the way.